3D Interior Spaces Model:
This is our “Bread and Butter” if you will. This is the most common thing that we do. We come in and top to bottom create a three dimensional immersive model of a home, office, church. Basically any indoor series of spaces. These are stitched together into an immersive model that potential customers, clients, or buyers can move around in freely. No fixed “flythrough” or canned “movement” through the space. Users begin at an assigned “start point” and then are free to move about and look around in the space. The cost for this service is 10 cents per square foot in the greater Cincinnati area. For that fee you will receive the following:

  • Creation of the 3D Model
  • 6 months of hosting the 3D Model
  • Exterior photos of the property
  • Up to 50 still photos from the 3D model and outside shots for MLS and marketing
  • Unique URL for the MLS virtual tour link and for use with on-line marketing

3D Object Model:
This service is produces a single virtual room with an object of the customers choosing at the center. The user can then interactively move around the object and virtually “look” at the object from any perspective that they choose. This has proven very popular with equipment manufacturers producing large complex machines that potential customers can virtually “kick the tires” on. Another use that we have seen is with insuring art and or ceramics since this produces a complete high definition 3D model of the insured item.

2D Architectural Drawings:
This is a newly added feature of the Matterport camera. Any space that we create a 3D Interior Spaces Model of we can create accurate dimensioned 2D architectural drawings of. This can be done the same day in some cases and for a firm, fixed, affordable cost.

Customized 3D Interior Spaces Model:
This is a twist on the 3D Interior Spaces Model. We can alter the digital model to change wall colors, remove and or add furniture, change flooring, or show what the space would look like after a proposed renovation. This can really show what the space would feel like after you made it yours.

Completely Created 3D Model:
Here is where we design and illustrate a complete 3D environment that doesn’t exist at all in the real world. Want to see what your new house will look like inside and out before you even brake ground? We can do that and so much more.